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Travelling With An Older Adult To Get Easier

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | AGING |

One of the most frustrating processes in life is boarding an airplane.  You’re already rushed to be on time, making sure you packed everything you need… and now you have to go through security.  Travelling with an older adult, much like with a small child, increases the worry and stress: you have to strip down not only yourself, but your loved one, who many have mobility issues, may not understand the process, and whose nerves are probably just as frayed as yours, all while keeping the line moving.

Hopefully, the process will soon get easier.  The TSA has announced a pilot program in four airports to test alternative screening procedures for persons deemed to be 75 or older, much like they have different rules for children under 12.  Older adults will be allowed to leave their shoes and light outer clothing, such as a jacket, on while going through screening.  They will get a second pass at a machine if something out of the ordinary is detected, and be screened for traces of explosives before being patted down.  If these modifications work out, they could be expanded to all airports.  Let’s hope this makes travelling with an older adult one less thing to worry about.


TSA set to test new screening protocols for elderly,