Comprehensive Elder Law Services

Who Are Our Clients?

We are often asked, “Am I old enough to need an elder law attorney?” Fortunately, there is no age limit – upper or lower – for our clients. Although we do concentrate on working with older adults and their families, much of that work translates for clients of any age.

Every adult should have at least basic estate planning in place, regardless of age. Our probate services are available to families dealing with the death of a loved one. Finally, our elder law clients include older adults who need assistance with legal issues, financial asset preservation, or social services. Click here to learn more about wills, trusts and powers of attorney.

We also help families after a loved one has passed away. We can guide you through the probate process, or help you make distributions from a trust set up by your loved one.

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

We do not offer free consultations. During our meeting, we will evaluate your situation and share with you valuable information. Should you choose to ask us to perform this work for you, we will credit your consultation fee towards any quote given.

What Services Do You Provide?

Our goal is to provide as comprehensive a service as possible. We can help your family with:

Estate planning: We can help you determine which estate plan is best for you, including wills, powers of attorney and trusts, as well as additional documents that may be useful for unusual or nontraditional situations.

Probate: We can help guide you through the probate process. The first step is to determine whether probate is necessary, and then the appropriate type of probate. We can assist you with collection of assets, dealing with creditors, and the distribution of assets.

Guardianship: While guardianship is often a last resort, it is a necessary process for many families. We can help you determine when it is appropriate to file for guardianship and walk with you through a myriad guardianship issues.

Medicaid planning: Placing a loved one into a skilled nursing facility can be a tough decision, both emotionally and financially. We can help you determine if a Medicaid application is appropriate, help you collect the necessary information, and prepare the Medicaid application.

Elder law: All Katten Benson Zachry Golightly, LLP attorneys practice elder law. While elder law encompasses all of the above areas of law, we can also work with you to “fill in the cracks” of the services needed by your loved one. We work closely with geriatric care managers who can help you determine what services are needed and identify a provider, and can help you finance those decisions. With prior clients, we have run interference between clients and other entities, such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other care providers. If you’re having an issue regarding an older person, give us a call to see if we can help.

Am I Your Client, Or Is My Parent?

When we meet with clients, we like to meet with as many family members and involved persons as possible. While we realize this may not always include the entire family, we like to make the effort to include every one and get as many opinions and thoughts as are practical. This can go a long way in preventing disagreements in the future as well as making sure the person receiving care has all of their needs met. While we prefer to meet with the whole family, the person or persons receiving care are our client. Our philosophy is one of inclusion: we want to include the entire family and use that support to advocate for the older adult in the best way possible. We welcome all points of view, but our primary focus is ensuring the person receiving care has all needs met.

Contact us today and let our professional team help you plan for your future.