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Keeping Your Older Pet Healthy

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | AGING |

Pets, like the rest of us, age too.  Molly is ten years old, which is unbelievable to me – I adopted her when I was college, and I’m not ready to admit that was 10 years ago!  You can plainly see the signs of age on her sweet face, as her muzzle (or “nozzle,” as one client called it) is almost completely gray.  She has always been a wonderfully healthy and active dog, but I ran across this article today about keeping your aging pets healthy.  I thought it had some good suggestions.  Molly already eats senior dog food, and I think it has helped her maintain a healthy weight.  However, she gets a lot of snacks and treats at the office, which is something I should keep better tabs on.  I’ve noticed lately, too, that she seems to be startled more, so maybe a vet visit to check her hearing and eyesight is in order.  Keeping up with an older pet is work, but she’s worth it – she’s a great cuddle bug.  What things have you done to make aging easier on your pet?

How to help your dog age gracefully