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Things To Do Now To Lessen Risk Of Dementia

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | DEMENTIA |

Worried about your risk of dementia?  While there are some risk factors that are out of our control, there are some activities you can do to lessen your risk for some types of dementia.  This article on Yahoo!, “3 Things to Do Now to Lower Your Risk of Dementia Later,” suggests the following:

1. Eat Right.  Remember, not all dementia is the Alzheimer’s type.  Poor circulation to the brain can cause vascular dementia, which can also lead to strokes.  You can lessen your risk of a stroke by reducing your sodium intake.  Try tasty herbs and other spices instead.

2. Exercise.  It’s not just good for your heart!  You can reduce your risk or certain types of dementia, too.

3. Relax and Stay Engaged.  Use your brain “muscle”!  Engage in activities that keep you thinking and active, such as yoga, crossword puzzles, or game nights with friends.

For more reading, find the article here.