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I ran across a good set of articles in the most recent addition of the CostCo magazine, of all places, that I wanted to share.  It includes a short piece of finances, estate planning, downsizing and a Social Security primer.  While each of these articles is short, and just barely skims the surface, it is a good reminder that planning to age wisely involves multiple areas of your life, not just one.  You can’t ignore your estate plan and concentrate solely on your finances; even the best estate plan may mean that you have to downsize your home eventually; and no financial analysis is complete without considering the benefit you or your family might receive from Social Security.  Each of these puzzle pieces must fit together nicely to complete a picture.

I also like the inset box of “Learning Elder Care Language.”  It is important to realize all of the different options your family has when taking care of an older adult.  I think this box could have one more column, though: How to Pay.  Considering the available funding sources for each of these categories is important as well.

Katten Benson Zachry Golightly, LLP can help you with many of these areas.  Our attorneys, Steve, Monica, Sandra (and soon to be Dana!) can help you put together a seamless estate plan that accomplishes your goals in the most simple way.  Our social worker, Kim, can help you discover what kind of care is most appropriate for your situation, but can help you identify the right care provider for you.  We can also help you access funding sources for different kinds of care, be it through Medicaid, VA Benefits, private insurance, or private pay, or a combination of the above.

Check out this article.  Which puzzle piece can Katten Benson Zachry Golightly, LLP help you with?


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